The play

Swallows wants to take a deeper look at the political tragedy that is rooted in Venezuela by making a parallel between political and personal abuse. In a time of massive street demonstrations for and against the government two sisters are forces to delve into their relationship with their father and what he represents leading to a confrontation stemming from their childhood.

If we don’t revise the way we relate to each other familiarly we will never be able to do so in the wider broader space of the collective.

Abuse is within individual human behavior, by not addressing it at its core we allow it to permeate everything human.

Revising it starts by balancing out our feminine. We chose to have two male actors represent two sisters in the hope that in doing so it will help us visualize the need we all have to embrace it.  By feminine  I mean our intuition, our instinct to survive, our need to create, the vast knowledge that lies within our unconscious world, equal in all.

Aminta De Lara
Robert Ramos, Howard Collado, Marion Elaine
Gina Monc
María Eugenia Atilano
Assistant Director
David Wasson
Visual Effects
Helena Acosta, Carlos Ayesta, Aminta De Lara
Photography & Graphic Desing
Violette Bule
Consulting Producer
Luisa De La Ville